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Saturday, August 6, 2011

If You Have An Erection Lasting More Than 4 Hours

There are so many products on the market for erectile dysfunction and male enhancement.  Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra seem to be the leaders in helping the man with a not so stiff stiffy, feel like a steel rod again.  Then you've got the medications geared toward helping the man with a micropenis hear something other than, "is it in yet?"  For male enhancement, the top 5 choices, as reported and reviewed on are 1) SizePro, 2) VigRx Plus, 3) ProSolution, 4) Volumn Pills, and 5) Maxaman.  Who comes up with these names?
SizePro claims that it will increase erection size up to thirty percent and improve hardness instantly.  VigRx claims that their product is "designed to give the largest and longest lasting erection". ProSolution claims that it will give you stronger erections and a boosted libido. Volumn Pills says only, "provides great sexual performance and pleasure" and "it has been proven very effective, and it will be effective for you". Maxaman, on the other hand says, "Maxaman will make your penis gain both in length and girth. With use, new erectile tissue is developed, leading to a permanent gain. Maxaman can lead to up to a 6 inch growth in penis length. The advances made by Maxaman have made this growth irreversible.
What I want to know is can you mix them?  I mean, what if I want a man with the longest lasting erection, a boosted libido and a 6 inch growth in penis length?  I'll take VigRx, ProSolution and Maxaman please!  I mean, we take different medications for different types of pain...what about taking different medications for different types of pleasure?  Surely the biggest penis and longest lasting erection in the world wouldn't do us women any good if the man is like, "No thanks...I've got a headache."  So surely we want increased libido with the increased penis size and longer lasting erection.  I also want to know who tests these products?  Do they post adds in the classifieds? 
Help Wanted...testers needed for study on penis functionality and enhancement for experimental medication.  If you do not have a partner, one will be provided for you.  Must be willing to be observed and studied by team of doctor's and scientists.  If your partner is good looking, must be willing to allow her to participate with others in the study.  If your partner is not good looking, you will be separated so as not to negatively effect the study, and we will make a special project out of you! 
I mean, really?  And then, who signs up?  I want to know how it has been "proven effective"?  Is it because they give it to some guy and ask him to fill out a survey...maybe give one to his partner?  What kind of scientific proof would that be?  I want hard evidence...pardon the pun!
Then there is my absolute favorite warning on television your doctor if you have an errection lasting for than four hours.  Well, duh!  And your mother, father, grandmother, best friend, dentist, neighbor and all your old girlfriends!  I could just see some college student calling all his frat brothers, "Hey man, come check this shit out!"  Honestly...that seems like a challenge to young guys to use the drug recreationally. Hahaha...I guess the whole point of the drug is recreational, but I mean without having erectile disfunction. 
I really wish they'd come up with a pill, while they are at it, that would instantly make a man know how to use his regenerated, or enhanced penis.  That way, when us women meet the perfect man, who ends up having a limp micropenis, we fix it with a Viagra and Maxaman, and then give him InstaRomeo and BAM!!! He's a keeper!
As for the, "if you have an erection lasting more than four hours...", hell, after you call your doctor...Call Me!


  1. He's not perfect if he can't take care of his woman orally, when his pecker is lacking...

  2. I don't care if the man has a tongue rivaling Gene Simmons, sometimes a little internal maintanence is required...just saying