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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bestiality…It’s No Longer Just Your Daughters You Have To Watch!

After a conversation with a friend which led to a Google search, I was surprised to see the number of news stories about bestiality arrests; people charged for having sex with everything from dogs, to hogs to horses and sheep.  What I want to know is how the heck this gets started.  I mean does it start with some young man watching the neighbor’s dog through the bedroom window, admiring it’s long hair, and how the light reflects off it as she moves?  What about the horse?  Is this the firmness of the butt that turns the man on?  The softness of the sheep’s fur?  Now the hog…nope, I got nothing.  I mean, a hog…really?  Who are these people?   

In one of the online news stories I read, an Albany, GA man is walking his dog, sees vacant mobile home and enters it with his dog.  Neighbors observe him breaking in (it’s always the neighbors), come to investigate and hear loud scream-type sounds.  The police arrive and catch the man in the act of engaging in “loud sexual activity with his dog”.  REALLY??  I mean, he couldn’t wait till he got home?  Who was doing the screaming?  Was the way she was shaking her butt as she walked just too much for him so he just had to have her right then?  Would his wife at home object so he had to sneak off with his bitch for some quality time?  Well, that was a stretch (him having a wife)…guy probably lives in mom’s basement.

A 62 year old Bainbridge man got busted jumping a fence to a stockyard and having sex with a pig.  I guess he liked a little more of a fight with his conquest.  No sit Boo Boo, sit for him!  Then again, maybe the man just likes squealers.

A Jersey cop got arrested for getting blow jobs from baby cows.  As there were no laws on the books against beastiality, the question was could they prosecute him under the cruelty to animals statute.  Charges were dropped because they couldn’t decide whether having the calves suck on something that wasn’t producing milk could be considered torment (I’m not making this crap up…link is below!)  They also said that that the cruelty to animals statute was dealing more with neglect, and that was not the case here.  Actually, the cop neglected to leave his penis in his pants and out of the mouth of the calf…the sick freak!

It’s everywhere, and you never know who it will be.  Could be you next door neighbor, or even your animal, as some farmers in Enumclaw, WA discovered.  A man went to the hospital seeking medical assistance for a companion then left.  The companion died of a perforated colon, secondary, as the police later discovered, to a sexual encounter with a horse.  During the course of the investigation, they found many videos of the deceased engaging in sexual intercourse with horses.  Police showed video tape to the neighbors who were shocked and appalled to see that not only had their neighbor been having sex with horses, but he was having sex with THEIR horse in THEIR barn.  That’s what they get for leaving the horse unsupervised and having such a nice pad for her.  It’s no longer just your daughters you got to watch out for!

In Sherborn, MA, a farmer reported having his barn broke into several times over the course of a year, prompting him to install surveillance cameras.  What they recorded was not what he expected to see.  Between 3 and 4 a.m. on the night of June 27, an 18 year old boy grabbed a sheep by its back legs, drug it to the back of its stall, removed his clothes (the boy’s not the sheeps) and had his way with the sheep.  Very Baaaaaad boy! 

He was later arrested and then released into the custody of his parents.  Could you imagine being this kid’s parents?  I mean it’s one thing for people to say “watch your daughters around that boy”, but for the neighbors to be watching their dogs, cats, sheep, hamsters…I mean, doesn’t get much more embarrassing than that.  They see your son walking down the street, and protectively grab their pets and rush inside.  Yeah…I don’t envy them.  I bet the parents are wishing they’d been a little more thorough in their birds and the bees discussions now!

With this epidemic of beastiality on the rise, more and more states are putting laws on the books to protect the helpless farm animals from the perverts and sexual deviants of society, I guess we parents and educators need to start doing our part as well.  No longer can we just tell our children where babies come from and how to protect themselves from STDs.  We now must expand our facts of life discussions to include: “it is not acceptable to have sex with your furry friends or farm animals, and no…gerbils don’t like tight, dark and moist places.”



  1. I love that you listed your resources like you're writing a term paper on beastiality! Great stuff here. I really thought you were going to give a real BJ too, I'm pretty naive I guess.

    1. lmao...coming from you, that's a huge compliment since I'm such a fan of yours. Thank you. Though I have a hard time believing the naive part. :-P

  2. I laughed so hard I ended up seriously contemplating the less humorous aspect of this. Kudos on a great post!

    1. I too realize that beastiality is no laughing matter, but the dumbasses who engage in such morbid behavior are a whole other story!

  3. I've seen a lot of articles on the internet about Bestiality. News stories, blogs and forums too. There's even a couple sites out there for zoophilliac communities. But let me tell you, this is no new phenomenon. There are vases, carvings, statues, cave paintings, inscriptions, books, and every other sort of pre-modern historical source of information you can imagine recounting this type of behavior going on. Zoophiles ("bestialist" actually implies harm to the animal, and most animal sex cases do not involve harm to the animal, as any zoophile will tell you), like every other kind of person, have been around since the dawn of humanity, having sex with animals before you were born, and especially in any farm setting with lots of close contact with animals. The only reason you're likely to be hearing of it just now would probably be due to the fact the media outlets discovered they get more viewers, readers, subscribers and traffic from posting stories about obscene and outlandish, or at least uncommon, acts.

    Understandably, this being a "recent" phenomenon for a lot of people and a hot new topic of dicussion, there are a lot of different moral and ethical positions on this type of attraction; a few supportive, some neutral (or at least not taking it seriously), and a lot that think it's abuse and call anyone with the slightest inkling of lust for quadrupeds a pervert.

    Personally, I don't see what's wrong with's a sexual orientation, albeit of a more exotic variety (I read that about 1% of the population identifies with it), just like any other, and sex is usually quite pleasurable for both parties involved as long as the parts fit and you don't rip or tear anything. Some people like to raise the issue of consent, and talk about how an animal never can truly give a human permission to do the deed since they can't speak and presumably don't operate on a similar cognitive level. But others say (and I agree) that an animal can give consent just as well as a human, though in their own way. If you pet a dog backwards, it bites, so it's obviously trying to tell you it doesn't like that; if you scratch it behind the ears and it moves closer to your hand, paws your leg, and wags its tail, it clearly wants more; if you slowly begin to move your hand down that dog's backside and up its leg, well, you'll know soon enough whether or not to go further.

    So Blondie, given the information I've relayed to you, and the position I assumed you took when you said we need to tell our teachers to instruct our children that this isn't acceptable, what do you think about bestiality now?

    1. Well Anonymous commentator, my view on beastiality has not changed due to your very educated and obviously experienced insure, though I now find myself wondering what your animal of choice is. Your argument on consent is disgustingly similar to that of many pedophiles and I'm kinda disgusted by the fact that you can justify it as an orientation but to each their own. Just don't be expecting an invite for dinner or a date with my animals, cause even if they didn't bite, I would! I think I need a shower just from reading your comment

    2. Bahaha. You're so blunt, I love it.

      Your personality aside, no, I'm not "experienced." Lol. At least not in the way you seem to think. Yes, I've been to a couple of the sites and seen some of the postings there, but dear lord, I haven't advanced to the point where I've done anything with a real animal, and I don't think I plan to. It's illegal in a lot of states now and carries serious consequences. I have my own dogs, and the thought actually scares me, although I will admit I have considered the possibility, though only in the way that everyone who finds something sexually exotic has considered it, but never acted upon or really intended to do it.

      And although I probably should not have expected much change, judging from the way it seems you like to take strong stances after reading another one of your blog posts, I'm still a little disappointed at how my previous comment had no effect on your view. But I'd still also like to elaborate on a few things you've just said.

      You mentioned how my "argument on consent is disgustingly similar to that of many pedophiles." Well, that might be true. Although I've never heard from an actual pedophile what their view on children's consent is, I could imagine it being something vaguely similar. Here's the thing though...I view all the different types of sexuality in a sort of hierarchical structure that we see a lot of in today's society (I'm talking about homosexuality, pedophilia, and zoophilia ...apparently there's also other kinds of stuff like objectophilia, but you could look that up or watch the show Taboo). They all are deviations from "standard" (I don't think there's really such a thing as standard with complex subjects like sexuality...there's just too many types and twists, etc.) heterosexuality. They all each have different levels of acceptability, and different moral/ethical issues attached. We've recently become more accepting of homosexuality in the west, because it seems most of that opposition came from religious views, and there really wasn't an issue with consent or trauma, but obviously zoophilia and especially pedophilia are a no-no. People say they're similar, but they aren't. While children are still growing physically, mentally, and sexually, and generally immature as far as their decision-making skills go, adult animals are fully grown, sexualized creatures which, depending on the species and as far as science can tell us so far, can possibly make at least some choices, foresee consequences of those choices, and even might have full sentience!

      I'm not going to argue for pedophilia here too unless you want me to delve into that as well, but the point I'm making is that having sex with animals is different from having sex with children, because they're two different things. While children are, for the most part, undeveloped, adult animals on the other hand are fully developed sexually, and possibly on a conscious level too. You see nature documentaries on Animal Planet all the time, and you also see adult animals mating, all the time. If they do it so much, the must like it and be capable of both doing it without damage and wanting to do it, right? A trained dog can recognize through certain gestures or sights and sounds what action must come next, and if they expect something good to come out of it like a doggie biscuit, they'll willingly oblige. It would be the same for sex, only with orgasms (I apologize if that was too much).

    3. To be fair I suppose you could say that maybe some animals can be conditioned to unwillingly become involved with a human, and that there are a few reported cases of damage to an animal's anatomy resulting from sexual conduct. I would definitely classify as animal cruelty, but that's a whole other dimension. You have the right to say it's disgusting if you like, just like you have the right to an opinion of anything else, but you at least can't argue that bestiality or zoophilia is wrong because of some highly publicized cases of this being done by abusive/strange/sick people (and I don't believe that many of those cases should even be classified as abuse even though they call it such, because no news outlet cares to mention exactly what damage was done to the animal, only to the human as a result of committing the act due to legal consequences!), or because it doesn't suit your taste.

      One more thing. You said "I'm kinda disgusted by the fact that you can justify it as an orientation." I'm actually a little confused as to how any sexual attraction of a unique "breed," if you will, could NOT be justified as an orientation. After all, what else could you call a different type of sexual inclination? A mental disorder? If so, does that imply that certain types of attraction are "healthy" and others not? I know I'm walking into a wall on that one, because I'm guessing your answer would be a firm "yes." But, remember, that's what the American Psychological Association classified gays, lesbians and transsexuals under. And if you can make homosexuality into an orientation based on the assumption that people can't help the way they feel sexually about the same gender AND if there are no other non-culturally imposed actual mental/personality disorders or psychological damages as a result of having that condition, then why not the same for zoophilia?

      Still feel the same way, or am I at least opening your mind a little more?

    4. Oh and by the way, sorry for writing you such a long essay, but I also recommend that you visit some of the bestiality sites out there, and read the forums, so that you can gain an insight into what kinds of people these zoophiles are. It's really enlightening. A lot of them are otherwise normal people with functional lives who like to have loving, albeit sexual, relationships with pets or other animals. I've not seen one post that implies abuse or a situation where the animal, as reported by the human, didn't enjoy the act. If that kind of stuff pops up, or if there's any activity with underage animals or especially small and vulnerable ones, members of the community are quick to condemn the act.

    5. The one I've been to is I haven't seen others because they appear too graphic and "out there," but this one is actually rather nice and organized.

    6. While I can usually appreciate such a thorough attempt to educate me and/or influence my opinion on a topic I'm afraid your very well written attemp is only further making me feel the need for a very long shower or a lengthy soak in scolding water and bleach. Humans are one of only a couple species that mate for ANY other purpose than procreation. Dogs only have sex (we'll call it sex for the purpose of your argument though breed is a more accurate term) while in heat and then a very small window of time that you could say was consentual. Yet you argue that they find it enjoyable. Rape victims can sometimes achieve orgasm, but that doesn't make it any less of a rape. Children who've been molested often experience shame and confusion over the body's natural response to being touched and experiencing a pleasurable reaction yet that makes it no less wrong on the part of the pedophile. An animal (no matter what it's age or development) has no more capacity to consent than a small child being molested by the father or caregiver she relies on for her care and support. Any further attempt on your part to influence my opinion is unnecessary and unwelcomed. I feel like scrubbing my screen every time you post. May your pets be rescued by the animal protection society.

  4. Because I'm stubborn and I like to flesh out an argument completely before I let go, even if the other person won't agree, I'm going to post this for my own benefit. And possibly for others who read this in the future and do online research into bestiality, since what I said on the other post got removed. Even if you delete it, which I'd encourage you not to if you want to fully justify your own position by saying you've read my whole argument and have rejected it, I just want to put this down.

    The idea of consent is one born from and only from the condition of being fully sentient, conscious, and capable of making informed decisions; consent's purpose is also founded on the fact that certain transactions have consequences, and that an individual has a right to refuse or accept because those consequences affect them. The condition of rape or being raped is an idea derived from the one of consent, or the lack thereof, regarding acts of a sexual nature, like penetration. ASSUMING animals are LACKING in the necessary intelligence to fully utilize consent and thus are incapable of providing approval or disapproval to any action involving their being and having consequences which apply to them, any argument using the idea of consent or rape is thrown out the window when applied to bestiality, and any argument still based on that idea would merely be a matter of opinion and not be of any real consequence or logical merit itself; a gray area, like dividing anything by zero.

    If you cannot consider the issue of consent, you would have to determine how the act would benefit or harm you or the animal; after all, that is how just about any social or economic transaction works, including sex, aside from mutual agreement or disagreement to go through with the transaction.

    Thinking only in terms of the benefits, the outcomes are fairly obvious...sexual gratification for both you and maybe even the animal, assuming it has similar sexual anatomy (in the mammalian sense, orgasms), and an exercise in social bonding, if that concept can be applied to human-animal relationships, in a sexual fashion similar to how it occurs in human relationships. The costs, or negative effects, would also be obvious, but only in the physical sense. If something rips or tears or someone starts to bleed or scream, physical pain results.

    The costs, in a mental sense, are less obvious, but not impossible to conceive. Continuing to assume that animals are less intelligent and less sentient, they may be lacking in other areas besides consent when compared to the human. One of these may be an inability to understand shame, trauma, embarrassment, a breakdown of trust, and other emotions associated with true rape amongst humans. Another may be the absence of social taboos and reservations (although I don't know if that necessarily qualifies as "less intelligent"), specifically relating to sex, and who with and under what conditions it is performed (you can see evidence of this lack of inhibitions in almost any nature documentary...they do it out in the open and don't seem to care with who or how or when...even with other animal species besides humans, look it up). Animals also differ in their communication skills, so any taboos which may in fact exist in their societies are not likely at all to be influenced by human society, not that human societal rules could ever be applied to those of animals in the first place. Animals DON'T feel the SAME way about sex as we do. So even if animals could feel the rape-like emotions mentioned above, they almost certainly would not feel them from having sex with a human. Therefore, even if animals had the ability to withhold consent, disapproving of the act of bestiality being performed, OF WHAT NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCE would bestiality be, other than lack of consent, given that there is no physical pain involved? There would only be possible benefit if the sex were followed through.

  5. At worst, if an animal could not consent, and sex with them was carried out in a careful manner so as not to physically injure their being, bestiality would be inconsequential to both the animal and human involved.

    Therefore, in my opinion, bestiality is not wrong, in an ethical sense, as not determined by existing societal taboos. I believe I've said everything I've wanted to say. I hope that I've opened the minds of whoever reads this and that they won't just yuck out and call me names like it seems you have, Blondie. If you still think I'm wrong, then convince me, or just ignore me.

    1. Despite waking up to your latest novel thinking to myself, "Are you fucking kidding me?" I went back and looked at one of your posts and I quote

      "I am 18 years old, almost off to a good college. I like the color blue and I like to play videogames. I used to sing and dance in a performance group in high shool. And I am exploring the full scope of my sexual identity, including being gay (I actually applied for LGBT "special interest" housing on my college app), seeing what I like and what I don't. I am indeed considering bestiality, but again no, I would not attempt it yet or even do anything to my own dogs. I have several chihuahuas, all of whom I love very much, just like anyone else would love their dogs, and I adore them in every respect. Not only would any sexual activity with them likely cause significant damage, but I'm nowhere near comfortable enough with the bestiality question to overcome the guilt and shame I'd feel if I were to attempt anything. I would never harm any animal that isn't a pest (as in insects and rodents...those guys are hard to live with) intentionally, because I believe that is animal cruelty, which in my opinion is just as bad as any harm done to a human. I have actually been a lifelong vegetarian partly for this reason (I was born into it, and chose to continue being a veg head). I've chosen to defend bestiality or "zoophilia" more specifically because I sincerely do not believe it is a bad thing, and because I feel I can back up my standing. I am not simply a "freak" or "pervert" trying to justify my perversions. I am a real human being who, aside from some real questions about his own inclination towards sex with animals, think it would be interesting or even even fun to discuss this sort of thing online. And as you can see, I chose to do so on Blondie's blog."

      I found myself wondering what would cause such an obviously VERY intelligent young man to be in such a sexually confused state at so young of an age. The truth is that despite your very thorough and meticulous standing on this issue I see a young person who didn't have enough guidance or nurture in your life growing up to give you enough of a foundation to give you security and conviction of moral standing. Maybe the only love you felt was from your animals and if that's the case, I truly feel sorry for you.

      I also have another thought...that you're someone that is known to me, maybe a friend to my kid(s) either just messing with me or searching for acceptance. Whatever the case, I truly hope that you find whatever it is that you're lacking that gives you the need to continue to post these novels on my blog. I will leave your above comments, but ask that you quit posting unless you're responded to. Fair enough?

  6. I'm shocked that you were able to read that post. I thought it'd never been added to the other article on your blog, which is why the other comments were such a jumbled mess of my posts due to my failed attempts to fix them...and I'm not seeing it or any other of my lovely novels whenever I view the newer comments section, but I do see them in this one.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "I see a young person who didn't have enough guidance or nurture in your life growing up to give you enough of a foundation to give you security and conviction of moral standing." I can't tell if you're saying that my stance is one founded without the "security and conviction" of a proper upbringing or if you're saying my "sexually confused" state (I don't view it quite like that, since I'm not exactly worried or stressed by it, I see it more as an interlude of exploration) is caused by that lack of a foundation. I'm also not sure whether or not to take that as an insult or a show of genuine concern for my well-being. But either way, I assure you that I'm not a child deprived of acceptance or love by peers or family, and that I do have a stable and tangible moral foundation. I'm think quite loved by both my animals and my family and the friends I have made, and I definitely don't exist in a moral vacuum considering I'm not a psychopath skinning animals and committing serial murder.

    Also, I'm pretty sure I don't know you aside from these exchanges. To the best of my ability to convince you as the stranger that I am, I'm not familiar with and I doubt I will ever meet you in a physical setting. You live on the other side of the country from where I am on the west coast.

    Aside from all that, thanks for leaving my comments. I'll stop posting until someone responds again as you wish. Nice talking to you, Blondie. I mean it.

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