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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Purveyor of Dick Jokes

If you’ve ever read any of the articles, you probably know they are well researched articles often written about serious topics, written in a list type format with a humorous take on them.  In order to submit pitches to write articles for Cracked, you must apply for and be granted the “Purveyor of Dick Jokes” title. I am now a “Purveyor of Dick Jokes”.

While this is exciting news, being granted the title is only the first step, allowing you into the writers forums where you can then pitch ideas for consideration.  However, the style and format for the articles that they are famous for is very different than my normal style of writing (which is to write whatever and however I want and if someone doesn’t like it, tough shit for them).  So now I’m tasked with the finding a topic on a serious subject that I can write about which fits into their model. 

A couple topics I’m thinking of at the moment are 1) Top (insert number here) internet scams and how they turned out.  2) Top (insert number here) male enhancement drugs and how each is tested and proven effective.  I’d love some ideas and inspiration.  If you’d like to know more about Cracked and what they’re looking for, click here.


  1. Honey clearly your area of expertise as a paralegal photographer mom is in the fields of, oh, i don't know, legal, photography, and motherhood, and possibly platypus venom extracting...

  2. I like the platypus venom extracting, but sounds like we need a vampiric extractor. Happen to know any I could use as a source?